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Food Hygiene Training

My Company can offer your organisation the following types of training both of which are suitable for food handlers.

1. Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland (REHIS)
Elementary Food Hygiene Course.

This 6 ½ hour course which is certificated by REHIS, is suitable for food handlers. The course covers the following topics - personal hygiene, prevention of cross contamination, food handling and distribution, temperature control, cleaning and legislation. My delivery of the course places emphasis on why certain activities must be carried out to ensure that safe food is produced. The aim is to teach people to understand the reasons for the activities which they should carry out, and put them into practice in a variety of situations.

Assessment is by means of 30 multiple-choice questions. (60% pass mark). Successful candidates will be issued with a certificate from REHIS. Company certificates are also available.

Entry requirements: There are no formal entry requirements, and the course is suitable for all food handlers.

Courses are delivered in English, but REHIS provides Course Handbooks and examination papers in the following languages:
· Hindi
· Gujarati
· Urdu
· Punjabi
· Cantonese.

Examination papers only are available in French, German and Spanish.

The course, including the REHIS registration fee, costs from £30.00 per person, depending on the group size and venue for delivery. Training is normally delivered in one day, but if you have a group of staff whom you wish to be trained, delivery can be arranged over a number of sessions to suit your needs.

Training can be delivered to a group of people from the same organisation, or to individuals who wish to attend one of the 'open' courses which are available. 'Open' courses are offered as a one day course.

The date of the next open course will be Tuesday 25th July 2005 in the Trinity area of Edinburgh. Please contact me for details as soon as possible.

2. Customised Food Hygiene Training

Courses can be designed to fit the particular needs of your staff, should you prefer this. Costs will depend on the duration of the course required, the number of candidates and the venue. A Company certificate will be issued as evidence that food hygiene training has been undertaken. Again, this course will focus on the basic requirements of food safety. This type of course is available for groups of people who may have particular training needs and where a shorter course may be preferred.

For further details, please contact me by telephone, fax or e-mail and I will be pleased to discuss your requirements with you. I look forward to hearing from you.

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